The Power of the Union Jack

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So it is a week after the Golden Jubilee and I thought I would comment on the British (dare I say it) hysteria that ensued last weekend. As you walked through London, bunting swayed and Union Jack’s  waived from every window, lamppost or upright structure that lined the streets. A general buzz of ‘Britishness’ filled the air.

Upon arrival of the weekend the population seemed chuffed with the idea of a long weekend, and every Londoner seemed to have come out into the world to celebrate the Jubilee. We decided to celebrate the occasion by going to Battersea Park Festival, where stereotypical English traditions seemed to be served up by the bucket load, croquet on the lawn, followed by tea and biscuits could be partnered with an afternoon Pimms and dancing in the rain.

No matter how hard the weather gods tried to dampen the day the power of the British buzz could not be beaten, donning ponchos and raincoats the festival-goers ventured onto open fields and sodden dance-floors to soak up the atmosphere; no matter where you looked it was simply a wave of Union Jacks swaying to the beat of the act on the main stage.

Rule Britannia!

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