Saddle Sore Charity T-shirt | Jody Poulter

Saddle Sore Charity T-shirt


The very saddle sore team required t-shirt designs in order to raise more money for St Margaret’s Hospice and Cancer Research UK. They sought out illustrators and designers around the UK who were willing to donate a design, and had these screen printed onto t-shirts, the profit from the sale of these t-shirts went into the fund.

This project felt like illustrative skills could create something quite ‘craft’ based, something which had character and feel very textured. The approach of using hand drawn typography successfully fulfilled these criteria, and made for a visually appealing and also informative design.

The design itself was sold online along with 7 other illustrators submissions and was aptly named ‘John’s End’. The John’s End design was selected as team t-shirt and was worn by all the riders during the event.


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