Sicilia; Land of fooooooood

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It has been a week since I returned from Sicily and the not so warm evenings and the lack of beach sunsets is starting to sink in. What can I say about Sicily apart from stunning beaches and gorgeous scenery throughout? Simply, a land of unforgettable food; never have I travelled and been more astounded by the food. Who would think the simple olive could taste like a never-before consumed, magical delicacy? Bread; simply fluffy and warm and crispy. Salads so fresh, crunchy and always topped with a light and refreshing dressing.

The lifestyle of being so relaxed and care free is addictively appealing, seemingly the most taxing decision of each day is what time should one decide to go to the local coffee shop for the daily Espresso. Oh and whilst thinking of coffee, the morning that I discovered ‘Cornetti’  was the day that I discovered food was created in heaven! Take a delicious, flakey croissant and fill it with sweet, sweet custard, and there you have food of the gods…Bellissimo!

One final item of the food and beverage on offer, although not Sicilian at all; merely something I was very pleased with, was the huge Coca Cola glass bottles available. Now, here in England we don’t tend to get glass Coca Cola bottles anywhere, not even in restaurants, yes we can buy them in small packs in the supermarket (hugely overpriced), but to be presented with a 2 litre glass bottle within a restaurant  is something that the graphic eye glistens at.

Simply put, Sicily certainly prides itself on the dining experience, and in my opinion after my travel experience nowhere has yet beat it!

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